Bringing Balance & Energy to Your Life

Sample Meditation Session for 4 to 6 year olds

Time: 40 minute session with Comfrey the Bear

Each session is split into bite size pieces with lots of variety including moving and sitting.

Releasing Energy:

Short warm up and energy dispelling exercises to quieten the body.

Learning to Breathe:

Teaching each child about their useful guide inside themselves

Friendship and Sharing:

A meditation to encourage feelings of love, kindness using their favourite teddy or soft toy

Story Time:

The children will lie down and relax as they listen to a story or guided visualisation.

Snack Time:

At the end of the session a drink and healthy snack will be available for the children

We will use many techniques to help teach children to relax and meditate through music, colour and stories.

Zehra is a qualified meditation teacher and an early years practitioner. She has a wealth of experience in teaching young

children through to young adults.

Got a question, then please get in touch.