Bringing Balance & Energy to Your Life

Begin and Continue

That is all I ask from you to begin and make a promise to yourself that you will incorporate meditation into your life and continue the practice. You will reap the benefits....

You do not have to have a set of beliefs or be a Buddhist to practice meditation, nor do you have to sit crossed legged on the floor in the lotus position.

You can meditate on a cushion on the floor, on a chair or sat down leaning against a wall - whichever is comfortable for you.

My classes usually start with gentle stretching which prepares the body for meditation. This is followed by a body scan which looks for tension areas and relaxes the mind.

From that formal meditation practice begins and I can teach you various techniques that aid meditation.

There is always opportunity for the group to talk about their experiences all done in a safe secure environment, and last for an hour and a half.

Please bring with you a blanket, cushion and a pillow. Meditation takes place sitting on the floor on a cushion. If for any reason you cannot sit on the floor please let me know and I can adapt any teaching to accommodate your needs.

Light refreshments will be available at the end of the session. Water is freely available throughout.

Please contact me for further details