Bringing Balance & Energy to Your Life


Meditation is reaching a point of balance in our every day. A balance that leads us to become more aware of our life and become less stressed and more calm.

I can teach you how to focus on your breath so that the mind slows down and the mental chatter fades away. Once you have mastered the art of focused meditation, you will be able to concentrate more in the 'here and now'.

You become happier and problems that you found difficult to cope with suddenly become easier.

Through various techniques taken from a variety of sources and traditions, I can give to you a sense of calm and well being. You will learn to meditate whilst sitting, whilst moving, through guided imagery and even through colour.

You will be able to solve traditional Japanese riddles, or Koans, and understand the benefits that they produce. You will practice Zazen, sitting meditation and walking meditation or Kinhin.

You will be able to take these techniques with you and I will help and guide you to develop your own personal practice. You will find yourself being more creative, more energized and engaged with your life, so much so that people will notice a positive change in you and will want to know why...

I offer complete beginner classes and over time develop and add to the techniques which always start with a focused relaxation, include breath work and end with a guided visualisation.

As you work at your own pace my classes are also suitable for people who have done some meditation previously. Meditation is a gradual process taking you deeper within yourself, my style of teaching is for everyone - that doesn't change whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned meditator. What does change for the better is simply yourself.

For further details or just to have a chat please contact me.