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Mindfulness Nature Walks & Shinrin-yoku

There is much research being done that suggests that walking in the fresh air in natural surroundings is good for us.

It lowers our heart rate and blood pressure, improves fitness improves cholesterol and helps with depression. Our cognitive abilities are improved as we become less stressed and can think in a more calm and rational way.

Shinrin-yoku originated in Japan in the 1980's and is part of the countries preventative health care in Japanese medicine. It advocates walking and spending time outside in Natural surroundings but especially in a forest. Whilst taking in the atmosphere and the peace and tranquility forests naturally afford, your heart rate and blood pressure decrease whilst raising your endorphin and seratonine levels in your system - our feel good hormones. This leaves you perfectly balanced and calm and more able to cope with the stresses and strains of modern living.

I have incorporated Shinrin -yoku into my Nature walks and have included experiences I have developed throughout my career as a land manager.

Do you want to benefit from meditation in an outdoor session? If so the Mindfulness Nature Walks are for you.

I have been working as a land manager for over 25 years having completed my BSc in Environmental Management. From my own experiences in Nature I now find that 'outside' is really 'inside'.

What do I mean by that?

When working or walking in the countryside I find more time for me. I notice that my mind becomes calmer and my thoughts become more focused and less muddled.

As part of my work I come across many different people and love to teach them about the countryside. I love to teach meditation as well, so the idea to start my mindfulness nature walks began to develop.

The walks are all about the mind, body and spirit connection and you will gradually see how they are linked and influence each other. They incorporate teaching from different areas such as meditation, ecology, sustainability, ethics and spirituality. Varied, mixed and stress free !

They are also a meeting place where like minded people come to learn, unwind and meet new people. They are sociable, friendly and safe.

My walks take place at Queen Elizabeth Country Park which is easily accessible from London and Portsmouth and Chichester.

For further details and dates please contact me

Sample Nature Walk - 2 hr Session

  • Introduction & Icebreaker
  • Start of the Walk - Talking
  • Stop 1 - Sensory - Sight and Smell
  • Silent Mindful Walk
  • Stop 2 - Sensory - Hearing and Sound Mapping
  • Walk - Talking
  • Stop 3 - Folklore and Ecology
  • Walk - Silent with Koans (a riddle used as a meditation)
  • Tea & Cake

Health & Safety

A certain degree of fitness is required but the walks can be adapted for most requirements.

Please wear appropriate clothes for being outdoors in all weathers and stout footwear.

Please contact me to discuss your needs. 

I hold the following certificates:

  • Full First Aid
  • Outdoor Leadership : Risk in the Outdoors
  • TCV Leadership
  • Fully Insured