Bringing Balance & Energy to Your Life


Okuden is the second step to understanding Reiki.

It is said to be 'hidden' in that the spiritual and mental connections are explored in greater detail whilst studying at Okuden level.

Your thoughts have a huge impact on the way you behave and feel and this strengthens your inner self.

Symbols and mantras are given to you at this stage and further Reiki meditations assist you in your journey.

It is at this level you will fully understand the responsibility you have when treating others and on completion of this course you can obtain insurance and start a Reiki practice.

You must have attained the first level either with me or someone else before you can start Okuden

As in Shoden, this course is taught through a variety of ways.

Direct Teaching : You will be given a course manual and some 'energy'exercises and symbols to practice at home

Discussion : There will be opportunities and encouragement to discuss what you are being taught with the group

Direct Experience : Throughout the course there is plenty of opportunity to practice on yourself and others and you will be taught more in depth Reiki Meditations

As you can treat others in a professional capacity it is recommended that you practice at this level for at least a year before starting the Master level or Shinpiden