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Shinpiden is the mystery teachings and is the final level of Reiki

Shinpiden takes you deeper into your spiritual self where you are able to find your true purpose.

The final symbol will be passed on from me, as your teacher and guide, to you, as a potential teacher. This is the ultimate gift I can give to you and I will help you to realise your true potential.

You will then learn how to teach others and pass on the system that is Reiki

More meditations and mantras will be made available to you which will resonate on a much deeper level

Shinpiden is taught on a 1:1 basis and is split into two parts. Part I is the Master Level and Part II is the Teacher Level

You must have completed Shoden and Okuden in order to start you Master Teacher level.

The course is taught through a variety of ways.

Direct Teaching : You will be given a course manual and you are encouraged to practice everything you have learnt so far.

Discussion : There will be opportunities and encouragement to discuss what you are being taught with me and we go over the previous two courses to make sure you fully understand the entire system.

Direct Experience : Throughout the course there is plenty of opportunity to practice. Together we work through the energy exercises, meditations and the ways in which you pass Reiki on to a student.

This course is quite demanding both mentally and spiritually and at least one year should have passed after completing the Okuden level.

Please note : This is for the more serious Reiki student and is akin to being a Sensei seen in many martial arts.

Beacause Shinpiden requires a deeper understanding of the system I have split this level into two. The first course is all about you and your journey into becoming a Master.

You can then decide if the teacher level is for you.

The second part will teach you how to become a Reiki teacher and pass on the system on to others.

As a Master teacher you have a responsibility to not only preserving the true essence of Reiki, but more importantly ensuring those that come after you are taught with understanding compassion and respect.

It is recommended that at least 6 months have passed from Master to Teacher.

For further details of the Master Teacher level please contact me