Bringing Balance & Energy to Your Life


Shoden is the beginning of your Reiki Journey.

It gives you a solid base that you learn from and it teaches you about you - Who you are and what you want.

These are fundamental questions that run throughout the system of Reiki. It will allow you to develop holistically and not just on one level. The mind and spirit will start to develop bringing balance to the body.

Shoden teaches you traditional Japanese Reiki and allows you to explore Reiki energy and how it affects you.

It also teaches you how to give self treatments and is the first step in treating others.

The course is taught through a variety of ways.

Direct Teaching : You will be given a course manual and some 'energy'exercises to practice at home

Discussion : There will be opportunities and encouragement to discuss what you are being taught with the group

Direct Experience : Throughout the course there is plenty of opportunity to practice on yourself and others and you will be taught simple but effective Reiki Meditations

Give yourself time to adjust to the energy and so I recommend that before you go on to studying at Okuden level at least 6 months has passed