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Mediation for Children & Teens Coming Soon.....

Children make excellent meditators as they are receptive to new ideas and concepts. They are naturally full of energy, curiosity and are keen to learn. With a little practice they are taught to still their minds, to relax and become more calm, centred and focussed....even at a young age.

Try a session with your child/children and see them learn new techniques which will allow them more freedom to explore their world in a more balanced way.

The techniques taught can be used at home, when out shopping and at bedtimes....in fact anywhere and at any time!

"The night seemed long. Wilbur's stomach was empty and his mind was full. And when your stomach is empty and your mind is full, it's always hard to sleep...."

E.B.White, Charlotte's Web.

Teenagers and young people face many difficulties along their way to adulthood. The stress of exams to peer pressure can all contribute to a full unproductive mind and body. Let Zenergized help them along this sometimes confusing journey by teaching them various techniques to combat the stress and strange emotions they may be feeling. By meditation and using focused relaxation techniques they can truly be who are they are, become what they want to become and realise their true worth.

Please contact me for further details.